Student Spotlight : Caitlin D.

Student Spotlight : Caitlin D.

Caitlin D. is a 7th grade student that attends Kraemer Middle School. Cassia Y., who is one of her friends says that “Caitlin is awesome!” She enjoys the clubs at Kraemer, and her favorite classes are Social Science, Language Arts, and Science. This year she is looking forward to GATE Shadow Day at Kraemer.

Caitlin does cheer at Pacific Coast Magic and her team’s name is Hope. Cheerleading,  running, and eating, are some of her hobbies. She also loves listening to music and her favorite song is Burnin’ Up by Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz. Caitlin has four siblings and although she constantly says that they’re “annoying,” they’re still her siblings and their names are Carline, Colin, and Celine. Caitlin’s life dream or goal is a professional cheerleader or dentist.

I asked Caitlin a few interesting questions to put her on the spot, (jk) it sure made this article interesting!

  • Would you rather eat something off really dirty ground or from someone’s hair full of lice and dandruff?
    • “Really dirty ground because bugs are gross (and I’d be eating chicken soup)”
  • Would you wear 80’s only clothes or wear 80’s only hairstyles?
    • “I guess 80’s only clothes”
  • Would you rather have the ability to read minds and fly or invisibility and teleportation?
    • “Definitely ability to read minds and fly. Flying would be fun.”

All in all, Caitlin is a nice and funny person, you should definitely say hi to her if you happen to see her around campus.