Sleeping with a Smartphone for Better or Worse?

Sleeping with a Smartphone for Better or Worse?

Smartphones, the thing that almost everyone has and uses. Sure, they are what make people today “hip,” but are they affecting people who use it in bed before going to sleep? A new study shows that kids who play on small screen devices such as smartphones before bed are more likely to perform worse than kids who just go to sleep.

It has been reported that people who sleep with smartphones get less sleep by approximately 21 minutes and feel more tired. This affects people’s performance, psychological and social well-being, immunity. This may also affect the obesity factor.

Kraemer student, Ryan W., says, “Though I don’t use an iPhone, I agree that it’s bad for kids because it makes them slack off and their head is more to the game than school..”

According to CNN, “More than 2,000 fourth-graders and seventh-graders participated in the study…just over half of the study’s children reported sleeping near a small screen. The fourth-graders slept an average of 9.8 hours during the week, while seventh-graders slept 8.8 hours on weeknights.” This means more kids sleep with a smartphone and as they get older they are getting less sleep.

There is speculation that teens repeatedly wake up to texts from their friends in the middle of the night.

Today, it is recommended that if you are on your smartphone before going to sleep, you should stop the habit or risk failing in school!