Canned Food Drive

Canned Food Drive


Kraemer’s annual canned food drive came back starting on November 5th to the 25th. Our goal was for every student to bring in at least 1 can. Over 1,000 cans have been donated.

The top 3 classes who collected the most cans of food received a donut party each. If you missed the announcements the Monday after Thanksgiving break, here are Kraemer’s best 1st period classes this year:

1st Place: Mr. Lee’s class

2nd Place: Mrs. Fierro’s class

3rd Place: Mrs. Zamora’s class

Congratulations to Mr. Lee, Mrs. Fierro, and Mrs. Zamora’s 1st period classes for collecting the most canned goods for the drive.

Kraemer student Blase M. says, ”I think the drive was for a good cause and that the cans will help the poor who need them the most.”

Overall, the canned food drive at Kraemer will help those who are in need and can’t afford anything and are miserable thanks to everyone who donated a can or more!