What REALLY Happened on Black Friday?

What REALLY Happened on Black Friday?

Many people all over the world went Black Friday shopping. The big question is: what REALLY happened? I’m here to tell you some of the things that happened during Black Friday.


Disappearing merchandise in stores:

Update: No out-of-stock reports besides the regular “doorbusters.” Although, Disney’s Frozen dolls, the Motorola 360 smartwatch, and some Michael Kors handbags at Macy’s were the products that brought heavy traffic to the stores.


Problems that occurred during Black Friday on Best Buy’s web store:

Best Buy had a temporary webstore blackout on Black Friday afternoon. The big question: Do retailers need to learn to manage new services being added to their website to handle this world of demand from customers?

According to www.cnbc.com, the following is Tech Complexity (the struggle is real):

  1. Buy merchandise online, have it shipped from store.
  2. Buy merchandise online, have it picked up from store.
  3. Same-day delivery.
  4. Real-time price matching inside of a store.
  5. The ability to buy merchandise through Twitter’s “buy now,” button.


Target racing through? Beating AMAZON?

Midnight on Thanksgiving Day, Target’s online sales were coming fast and strong. This suggests that Amazon was once in a dominant position based on productivity.


What customers are buying in Apple stores?:

Kraemer student Ashley T., thinks that customers would buy the iPhone 6 in  Apple stores on Black Friday.


Reality: It was hard to tell whether Apple customers bought iPhone 6’s. What was really noticeable were probably Beats by Dre headphones and their bright blinding boxes. At Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, these beats were reported to be almost out of stock in the morning of Black Friday.


Future Sales: Since a large number of customers at Best Buy are demanding for the Motorola 360 smartwatch at Best Buy, this hints that customers consider a smartwatch useful to their daily life. Smartwatch or Apple customers are awaiting the iWatch’s arrival.

Will JCPenney hit its mark?:

JCPenney made a lot of money on basic apparel with Levi’s jeans, HanesBrands socks, St. John’s Bay sweaters, and private label fleeces. Without selling this merchandise, JCPenney would’ve fallen behind with their sales.

JCPenney’s CEO, Mike Ullman confirmed that JCPenney’s in-stock levels and promotions helped them hit their mark. This season started “strong,” aided by a “surge,” of customers when JCPenney opened their doors 5 PM Thanksgiving day.

Overstocked shelves at Sears and Kmart?: The shelves in Sears and Kmart sure were overstocked since not many people were shopping there. A Kmart employee said that “It oddly hasn’t been busy,” and a worker at Sears said that “Things have been quiet.”

Are Black Friday spendings going down?:          Reportedly, about 133.7 million people were shopping in-store and online Thursday of Thanksgiving day to Friday, the number of people that shopped dropped 5.2% from last year. According to www.time.com, the overall amount of spending over the Thanksgiving weekend per person was approximately $380.95, instead of $407.02 which was a 6.4% decrease from 2013.