Soda Ages the Body as Much as Smoking!


Scientists warn that fizzy and sugary soft drinks such as soda, link to DNA changes in cells which causes 4.6 years of ageing. Studies show that soda causes people to become overweight as well as age at a more rapid speed. According to the website, people who frequently reached for soft drinks had shorter telomeres. Just like the caps at the end of our shoelaces that keep them from fraying, telomeres protect DNA from damage. In addition, they are also indicators of health. As we get older, our telomeres get shorter.  While studying telomeres, scientists discovered that people who consume soda or other soft drinks often have “significantly shorter” telomeres than people who don’t. Is this a health issue people should worry about, or is soda worth the age? “Soda is good and we should drink it,” Makenna T. says, regardless of how quickly it causes you to age.