Outstanding Students: Congratulations to the Cubs of the Month for September!


Kraemer Middle School students bring home the gold, claiming the Cub of the Month title for the month of September! Congratulations to Zane Alkhlali, Lizbeth Arellano-Victoriano, Marisol Munguia, Jacob Perreira, Maryam Fayza, Sydney Skipper, Aron Hernandez Ledezma, Nick Fletes, Sophie Cervantes, Aminah Kishawi, Kian Ramin, Iman Ali, Jonathan Medina, Abigail Chertock, Kyle Hartfelder, Lizbeth Arellano-Victoriano, Ashlee Kwa, Tomi Lattenhauer, Kristiona Shea, Emily Berg, Erick Negrete, Aditya “Adi” Mody, Alyssa Chamu, and Mike Winters. Keep up the great work!

Cub of the Month is where a teacher recognizes students who are striving to be great. Cubs are selected for trying to be a better person. They are nominated by teachers that notice the students are striving for greatness, but it depends on the teacher’s perception of a student. Qualities looked for in a Cub are that they are striving for greatness, have a lot of initiative, started off great and helped a friend, and just in general personifying greatness. The prizes for being Cub of the Month are a pencil, paw, certificate, paw tattoo, meeting with Mr. Carmona, and paw necklace that is a front-of-the-line pass for the week. Kraemer Middle School has the Cub of the Month awards because there are a lot of different students on campus, and with such a huge school, it’s nice to be recognized. One of the students nominated is Honors student Kristiona Shea. “It’s fun,” she says, “Because of the front of the line pass they give you.”

Everybody on this campus can be great, but the students who try to be great win the prize. Keep striving to do your best, help out some friends or other students that might need help, and be a good person. You might just find yourself as the next Cub of the Month!