A New Year, New Voices, New Performances


Vocal Ensemble, the bridge class at Valencia High School recently performed at their first Fall Concert on October 14. How exciting! This class required an audition and about 150 auditioned, but only 50-60 students were accepted based on their ability to sing and echo notes. These students are dedicated to learning challenging music as well as performing in different locations 8-10 times a year.

“Preparing for the concert was tiring, fun, and lots of hard work,” says Jeanette L., a Kraemer student. The class prepared by doing vocal exercises each day as well as rehearsing each song until there were no mistakes. Their teacher, Mrs. Arthurton went through all the notes with the class and practiced them multiple times.

At this concert, they performed the following songs: Old Joe Clark, The Ash Grove, Tu Lo Sai, Sing We and Chant It, and At the River.  Although there was a bit of a problem with the cyclorama, everyone kept going and put their hearts into the show. Throughout the year, Vocal Ensemble will improve each and everyday in addition to performing in several more concerts to show their progression.  Mrs. Arthurton says she started teaching Kraemer Ensemble because, “It is an investment in my future.”