Petition Against Whitewashing Racism

Petition Against Whitewashing Racism

For months, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has been debating the ban of the Critical Race Theory from their schools’ curriculum. The bill supposedly censors topics like slavery, segregation, and oppression. Though they are key events in America’s history, some feel that they are harmful and insensitive to certain people. Many controversies have sparked up, and parents, students, and staff are all trying to get their say in the movement.  

Critical Race Theory, or CRT, argues that America’s government structure contributed to discrimination and segregation. It is a very sensitive and controversial topic because some people believe it pits white people against people of color. However, the theory is not meant to target anyone or group; its purpose is to help people better understand the social structures, daily lives, and racially-motivated actions and laws of the past.       

An unpleasant but core part of history (and sometimes even in the present day), racism and discrimination have existed for millenniums. From wars to slavery to hate crimes, students learn how people fought each other because of race, religion, individuality, etc. These topics are currently discussed in classrooms, but future students may have to steer clear of them if this ban passes. They are subjects one must be tactful about but important to learn from and shouldn’t be completely avoided.      

Students at Kraemer have been taking matters into their own hands. In the week of April 4-8, several students were hurrying across the quad to get people to sign a petition to prevent the ban. Though many have agreed to sign, some are worried that the papers and signatures will amount to nothing and their efforts will be wasted. Still, Kraemer students are fighting for what they believe is right. They deserve to decide the education they receive.

This is not only happening in PYLUSD but has been a controversial topic all over the country in recent years. Multiple states, such as Idaho, Tennessee, and Florida, have already outlawed the Critical Race Theory. Many more states are considering or are in the process of banning the theory. As more bills are passed, and Critical Race Theory becomes illegal, children are becoming uneducated about the misfortunes of the past, raising the chances of history repeating itself.        

Racism and inequality were and are terrible occurrences, but that is why the new generation must learn from people’s mistakes. They must understand how discriminating against each other because of differences is harmful and oppressive. Until a result is reached, the battle over Critical Race Theory will rage on.