Performing Groups at KMS

Performing Groups at KMS

There are tons of different performing groups at KMS, just recently having performed for Open House night. Some groups include Color Guard, the Dance Team, and Band. In total, there are seven performing groups, the largest being Orchestra. Not only have the groups appeared in front of the school, but some of them have even gone to places outside school to entertain others. Groups such as Jazz Band and Dance have even competed with other schools to showcase some of the talent KMS has. In addition to performing, there are tons of before/after school rehearsals to prepare for concerts and other special events.

One of the more unique performing groups is Color Guard, having been a consistently winning group of students. The group is an extracurricular activity that meets twice a week to practice and rehearse for competitions/concerts. Kraemer’s Color Guard has been deemed as one of the best junior high Color Guard teams in all of Southern California. For the past decade, Color Guard has earned many top awards in their parades and competitions. In order to become a part of Color Guard, there are auditions held every year at around the end of the year, allowing students to prepare throughout the year before auditioning.

Another performing group at Kraemer is the Dance Team, KDT. In addition to Color Guard having auditions, the Dance Team also has auditions to enter. However, they are held at the start of the school year, which gives students even more time to prepare for their auditions. Kraemer Dance Team has won numerous awards in their performances and is a competition-based team. The team is also an extracurricular activity that meets several times a week before school and even after school to practice. The members are very dedicated to the team, and their hard work has been showcased all throughout the year.

Lastly, one of the larger performing groups is Band. Kraemer Band has performed for the school and other events several times this year and has won high awards in parades and competitions, displaying outstanding talent within the band. There aren’t any auditions to be a part of Beginning Band, but to be a part of Performing Band, one must have at least two years of experience and a recommendation from a previous band teacher. 

All of the performing groups that Kraemer has to offer are great opportunities for those who would like to be a part of an extracurricular activity, or want to be in a non-academic elective.