What McDonald’s Looks Like Around the World



The McLobster Roll from Sweden

With over 36,000 locations in more than 100 countries, McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable fast-food restaurants in the world. Driving down the road, it feels almost as if one pops up every few minutes. People hum along to the “I’m Lovin It” jingle as they sink their teeth into a Double Mac with a side of fries. We mostly associate McDonald’s with hamburgers, fries, shakes, and Fish O’ Filets. This is the case with many international McDonald’s, but in some cases, the menu is slightly different to appeal to a certain country’s region and taste. Here are the most interesting items that’ll make anyone want to hop on a plane and travel just to get a taste.

In Thailand, one can easily satisfy cravings with Kaprao Crispy Chicken Rice. Try a dish of rice served with chicken curry; it’s sweet and spicy, and something one wouldn’t believe came from McDonald’s. After finishing that off, Thai Pie is included on the menu for dessert. It’s stuffed with black sticky rice and young coconut that oozes out of the crunchy outside.

Canada provides a spread of unique food. Their poutine, crispy fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, is a must-try. Also served it the McLobster Roll, a lobster salad on a bun. Made with %100% Atlantic Lobster meat, diced celery, light salad dressing, and lettuce, it’s one of the healthiest items on the menu for only $8.

While the Big Mac is extremely popular around the world, that’s not the case in India. %95 of the world’s Hindus live in India, and cows are considered sacred in Hinduism. For practicing Hindus, the Maharjara Mac acts as a delicious substitute, using chicken instead of beef and adding spice with jalapenos. %20 – %30 of India’s population is also vegetarian, and those who eat meat don’t eat it often. Because of this, the McSpicy Paneer and McAloo Tiki are two vegetarian options that are offered. The Paneer is fried cheese with lettuce and spicy sauce, the Paneer being the common cheese used throughout the continent. As for the McAloo Tiki, Aloo” means “potato,” and the word “tikki” means “a small cutlet.” Aloo Tikkis are crispy, spicy, round-shaped potato cutlets topped with various sweet and tangy sauces and spice powders commonly served piping hot as a snack in India. The McDonald’s sandwich version is a combination of fried potato and pea patty, sweet tomato onions, and fresh tomatoes served on a regular bun.

Finally, much like India, many people of Sweden live a vegetarian lifestyle. Mcdonald restaurants in this country offer the McFalafel which could be equated to America’s Chicken McNuggets. It comes with 4 or 9 pieces of falafel bites. It also sells the McVegan, a soy vegan burger mixed with tomato powder, onion, and peppers. Although limited edition, people could also go for the Jureskog Texas burger, which consists of two beef patties, pickled red onion, smoked gouda cheese, crispy bacon, salad, mayo, and barbecue sauce. It is paired with flat fires and truffle mayo dipping sauce.

While there are only 4 listed countries, the McDonald’s menu has unique food items in other varying countries like the Netherlands, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, and so many more. Starting from the Kaprao Crispy Chicken Rice, McDonald’s lovers should travel around the globe to try these distinctive dishes provided by the beloved fast-food chain.