Disaster-Induced Delicacies: Foods Created by Accident


Wikimedia Commons

The beloved chocolate chip cookie was invented by accident.

Most foods are the results of carefully concocted recipes, crafted with the utmost care and thought of culinary geniuses. Others, however, are… not as delicately planned out. In fact, these are the foods that were created by “happy accidents.” Interestingly, some of these treats were produced as a product of spite and revenge, but others were genuine slip-ups.

The iconic chocolate chip cookie is first on the list of accidental foods. Way back in 1930, the co-owner of the Wakefield Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, Ruth Wakefield, was facing a bit of a problem. Just as she was preparing to bake a batch of cookies for her guests, she discovered that she was out of baker’s chocolate, an easily melting substance, so she decided to use pieces of a semi-sweet chocolate bar instead. Her thought process was that the semi-sweet chocolate pieces would melt when the cookies were baking, so she popped them in the oven without a second thought. Luckily, things did not go according to Ruth’s plan, as the semi-sweet chocolate still remained solid, situated in the warm cookie, and the rest is history.

Another famous food invention crafted by mistake is the popsicle. One fateful night in 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson got distracted in the process of making a lemonade soda by mixing the water with a sweet soda powder out on his porch and left his drink outside. The freezing temperatures during the night turned the soda from a liquid into solid, with Frank’s stirring stick still stuck in it. When Frank unearthed his new creation the next morning, he immediately knew others would enjoy it too and began selling them as “Epsicles”, but later changing the name to “Popsicles.”

Finally, another snack produced by accident is the infamous potato chip. Eaten by millions of people worldwide, this salted edible was actually created out of spite. In the year 1853, a chef at the Moon’s Lake House resort kept sending fried potato after fried potato to a picky guest in the restaurant, who complained that it wasn’t crispy enough. Angrily, George Crum (the chef) had enough with his guest’s shenanigans, and bitterly sliced the potato into super thin slices and fried them to a literal crisp. He expected the guest to be shocked and furious, but definitely was surprised when he lit up with delight and immediately ordered another plate of the chips.

While the inventors of these dishes may not have gotten what they first wanted with these ingenious foods, they have created a lasting impact in the culinary world and brought delicious food available to millions of people worldwide. One should definitely remember that not everything they achieve is because of smarts or hard work; sometimes, it’s luck that will be the final factor in determining success.