Student Spotlight: Ivory C.


Ivory C.

No matter where her focus is, Ivory C. always pours her heart and soul into everything she sets her mind to. Ivory C. is successful when she’s at home, at school, or by herself, doing anything she is asked of. She has always managed to be kind and thoughtful to those she surrounds herself with and is never afraid to speak her mind to make her opinion heard.

As it is for most people her age, education is very important to Ivory. She is constantly trying her best to get the best grade she can, and even if she doesn’t, she always tries to find a way to bring it back up. Ivory C. is currently a 7th-grade student who is attending Kraemer Middle School. Along with the standard classes that everyone gets (math, science, ELA, etc.), she has chosen two elective classes to benefit her in the future. Hoping to become a leader and member of the ASB class in her school, Ivory has chosen Peer Leadership as one of her elective classes. This class works to prepare students interested in ASB for the upcoming challenges they may face in the class. They are taught to work together, plan events, and help run the school as a whole. On her journey to education, she has many friends that she knows she can depend on. Ivory always manages to find time for each friend to the best of her abilities but has a clear idea of who she wants to be friends with and who she doesn’t want to be friends with. However, she doesn’t just give time to purely education and friends. Always contributing to her school when she can, Ivory also dedicates her time to Kraemer’s Diversity Committee as she is a proud member. This means she handles school-wide events regarding the diversity months that occur during the school year. Among her other responsibilities, Ivory takes care of things regarding PRIDE sessions, announcements, and the library’s bulletin board. Ivory has also helped host one of her school’s lunchtime activities which are planned in her favorite class, Peer Leadership.

However, Ivory’s strong leadership doesn’t just come out at school but also contributes to her home life as well. After every school day, most students find themselves on the way home, with, of course, the exception of after-school activities. In most cases, Ivory makes her way home not too long after her school day has concluded. It’s there that another side to herself emerges. Not necessarily changing the way she acts completely, but shifting her focus to be able to keep her parents and family happy while she partakes in activities with them. As a daughter, Ivory helps out at home by washing dishes, sweeping her room, cleaning the table after dinner, completing her own laundry, and walking their family dog twice a week.

Putting all her duties to the side, Ivory has also managed to find hobbies in basketball, reading, and music. In her free time, Ivory often finds herself either playing with her dog, reading a book, or shooting baskets out front of her house. Ivory has even gone as far as joining a basketball team which she was invited to by a friend. Besides homework or relaxing afternoons, she attends her team’s basketball practice two times a week in hopes of getting even better at the sport. She has also found an idol who she strives very hard to someday be like. Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic as well as third woman to serve on the Supreme Court. With a similar dream, Ivory hopes to one day attend a law school to become a lawyer and soon work her way up to being the first Asian woman on the Supreme Court. Still, in the end, what Ivory wants most in life is to not only be successful but, more importantly, happy, regardless of her occupation. 

All in all, Ivory C. is a hardworking student and dedicated daughter who knows where she wants to get in life. She always makes time for all her activities and is always working to get better and better at everything she does. Based on her personality and the way she has projected herself to others, Ivory C. deserves to get a chance to have the spotlight on her.