Gordon Ramsay to the Rescue: Middle School Faces Staff Shortage


via Wikimedia Commons

A picture of the star chef, Gordon Ramsey, in the middle of cooking.

Hundreds of hungry students with less than enough people to help feed them are one of a school’s biggest nightmares. Tina Clarke, the kitchen manager of Edward Peake Middle School in Biggleswade, U.K., reached out to the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay after finding herself with two missing employees one school day. Fortunately for her, the normally less than polite chef managed to find a way to help her out.

On February 7th, 2022, Tina Clarke made a half-joking plea to chef Gordon Ramsey who was in the middle of an interview, stating that she was cooking alone due to two of her co-workers calling in sick. With 300 meals needing to be prepared, she playfully asked if Gordon Ramsay was available to help her manage the kitchen after his interview. Ramsay was, unfortunately, unable to respond to her cry for help but insisted that he could send another chef to the middle school shortly. Not expecting to actually get the help she requested, it came to her as a surprise when she received a message saying that her chef would be arriving in an hour. Tina knew she would have to reveal her actions to the principal, who luckily was just as appreciative of the celebrity’s help. 

Later that day, chef Rob Roy Cameron arrived upon Ramsay’s request and was put to work immediately, helping prepare the meals. Word of his arrival spread throughout the school quickly, and students were filled with jolts of excitement and happiness. Clarke later said that the students were so thrilled that the kitchen had so many unexpected visitors that afternoon. The following day, Clarke got the opportunity to personally thank Gordan Ramsay, to which he responded with, “Anytime, Tina.” Even though she was the only one who personally thanked him, all staff members were very grateful for both of the chefs’ help. BBC hosts were also quick to remind the celebrity chef to be careful or the school might reach out for help more often in the future.

Faced with a big problem for the school, a silly and half-hearted gesture towards a celebrity was all it took for the kitchen to get the help they needed. In the end, Gordon Ramsay’s good deed helps to reflect that although he is rough around the edges, he still has a heart on the inside. February 7th is a day that most of the students of Edward Peake Middle will remember for a long time. Staff members that received assistance that day shall also forever be grateful for the kindness they received from both chefs.