Why Do Documentaries Appeal to People?


via Wikimedia Commons

The documentary Blackfish brought attention to the orca in SeaWorld who killed one of the trainers.

The purpose of documentaries is for an audience to become aware about the situation discussed within it, and some are even made just to entertain. The best way for documentary makers to get their point across is to appeal to the viewer. By making the information interesting and captivating, creators can allure the audience to watch the entire documentary. If the viewer stays fascinated with the imagery and expressions all throughout, it is easier for the creator to state their point of view. Not only does the audience get to learn more about the topic, but it is also an opportunity for the creator to make a change or bring more awareness to the state of affairs.

One of the main ways documentaries appeal to people is through emotion. By displaying the viewer with an emotional segment, the developer is able to get their audience to feel more connected to the issue. That way, they can bring about change and inspire those who feel more attached to take action. In showing their audience experiences that they might be less familiar with, the creator is trying to get them to feel certain emotions that can be used to cause change.

An example of a documentary that brought awareness to its situation is the documentary Blackfish. The issue within the documentary was that a SeaWorld orca killed one of the trainers. The documentary gave viewers a better understanding of things that go on beyond what the public sees. With the amount of emotion the documentary conveyed, viewers felt a lot more connected to the issue and passionate to spread the situation to others. Although it brought about more negativity towards Sea World, the documentary had fulfilled its purpose. The point of the film was to make people more aware of the danger surrounding holding those animals captive for entertainment.

Overall, it is clear that a documentary appeals to an audience so that they can provoke people to act in situations that make them uncomfortable. By using means to fascinate and entertain their viewers, creators have the ability to make people feel more prepared to make a change to benefit the lives of others in the future. Rather than putting these situations in the news, creating a documentary to appeal to people makes the situation a lot more important. Instead of brushing the situation off after only a few days, a documentary has more power to make a change, a greater impact on its audience.