Should Plastic Bags be Banned?


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Plastic bags are extremely harmful

Practically everyone has used a plastic bag before. These containers are incredibly convenient – they can be used for shopping, transporting goods, and even as containers for extra things that have no place – but are they good for the environment? Should they even be allowed to exist? Well, the short answer to that is no.

Plastic bags are one of the most harmful products of humanity. One of the biggest problems with them is that they are non-biodegradable. This means they cannot be easily disposed of, resulting in large pile-ups of these over-glorified sacks. Land and water pollution occurs because of the large amounts of plastic that have nowhere else to go. Due to the plastic bags that are quite literally everywhere, animals have been getting sick. The plastic gets into their food, seeping into the diet of unsuspecting wildlife and killing them. Plastic bags can never break down and will never be gone. The more created, the more there will be sitting around until the planet itself is destroyed.

Beyond dragging the creatures of the wilderness to an untimely death, the production of plastic bags is toxic. This can cause severe illness in animals and humans alike. Scientists say that at this point, there is plastic in the air. While this is not caused by plastic bags alone, they are one of the leading factors in the problem.

Of course, people argue that plastic bags are not the worst thing to happen to humanity. Some like to argue that burning coal and creating batteries are worse for the environment. While this statement is not wrong, it is not right either. Just because the world has more significant problems does not mean that the smaller problems should go unsolved. Plus, banning plastic bags would be easy. Stores could switch to paper bags instead, following the lead of eco-friendly chains like Trader Joe’s.

Furthermore, plastic bags would be effortless to replace. They hold no special place in anyone’s heart, and there are many more planet-friendly alternatives. So why should plastic bags not be banned? There is truly no reason to keep using plastic bags. Replacing them would be easy. The process would not be too expensive. Therefore it’s time to move on. Plastic bags should become a thing of the past. These horrible containers should be banned.