Hidden Gems in OC

The Sherman Library has beautiful gardens

Newport Beach

The Sherman Library has beautiful gardens

Located in Southern California, Orange County is home to many popular tourist destinations. A few of these include Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and so much more. However, there are many other places people can visit without such a large crowd. From secretive locations to hidden shops, Orange County has it all. From long-time residents to visiting tourists, there’s a hidden gem for everyone.” or something along those lines. Some spectacular locations include the Pirate Tower, the Sherman Library beaches

nd Gardens, and the Lab.

The Pirate Tower is located in Laguna Beach, California. This tower was built in 1926 and is around 60 feet tall, but unfortunately, this tower serves as a staircase for a clifftop home. This mysterious yet beautiful tower is a perfect location for a picture. Travelers can get to this tower by driving a bit past Laguna Beach until the road “Sunset Terrace.” From there, they will be able to find a staircase leading down to the beach.

Next, the Sherman Library and Gardens is found in Corona Del Mar, California. This is a spectacular place with a botanical garden and is open to the public all year round, excluding major holidays. Admission for visitors is 5 dollars, and children under three may visit for free! The botanical garden has a series of varying gardens, such as a tropical conservatory, an artistic succulent garden, a formal garden, a tea garden, and many more! Not only does this destination have a garden, but it also has a library. The Sherman Library has more than 15,000 books and also has a collection of impressionist art, including works of art from Edgar Payne, Anna Hill, and many more.

Lastly, the Lab, an open-air mall in Costa Mesa. The word “lab” stands for “Little American Business.” This indoor/outdoor mall started more than 25 years ago and provides a vast selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, and more. Some stores and restaurants in the Lab include Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange, Good Town Doughnuts, and more. This unique mall is a hip place with many fun stores.

In conclusion, Orange County is filled with both popular places and hidden gems for anyone and everyone. Orange County has everything for any type of person, from hidden beaches to beautiful gardens. A few of these hidden gems include the Pirate Tower, Sherman Library and Gardens, and the Lab.