Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter for 44 billion dollars. 


Like almost all things on the internet, onestake on certain topics determines their political views. A lot of political based opinions are rising up because many conservative users believe it will herald the return of conservative voices like Donald Trump on the platform. Democrats don’t like this and a lot of other people also don’t like this for monopoly reasons (richest man on earth buying a media company).

After news of its agreeing to sell itself to Elon Musk, the purchase of social media platform, Twitter, sent the internet into opinionated chaos. Musk has hinted at loosening moderation policies on the platform causing additional controversy. 

On April 25th, the board of directors at Twitter agreed to the entrepreneur’s offer of 44 billion ($54.20 per share). Following this purchase, Twitter will be a private company. But the beginning of this started in Apr 4, 2022, when Elon disclosed his buying of 9.1 percent of the company. News of this was enough to send the internet ablaze. Time progressed and the company offered a seat on the Twitter board. If Musk had accepted this, it would have only allowed him to own 15 percent of the company. Musk initially said yes, then refused. The 9.1 percent made people theorize a takeover of the company by Elon, but closed these theories deciding he was done, disproved by the April 25th announcement.

Twitter is a 37 billion market cap company receiving a 43 billion dollar best and final offer, meaning his last and highest. Why did Musk even make this offer? Not just because of his wealth, Musk plans to open source the company’s algorithm and protect free speech by loosening moderation policies. Maybe he’ll even unban Donald Trump from Twitter. But of course, it also benefits himself financially.

Though people argue Musk isn’t purchasing Twitter to benefit him, others argue the opposite, saying it’s simply to make money. Some believe that Musk solely wants to benefit Twitter users as a humanitarian enterprise, the opposing side argues it’s a money-making enterprise. With the richest man in the world buying one of the largest social media platforms, clashing opinions have been formed, and they continue to be made. “When Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, the first thing he should do are end Permanent Suspensions for Lawful Speech and bring back Banned Accounts,” says Twitter user Benny Johnson. 

Elon Musk’s buying of Twitter was an unexpected purchase no one on the internet could have predicted. Despite this, he now owns the company and has free reign to make the changes as he pleases, no matter the controversies he may face.