Club Spotlight: Basketball Club


Shooting their way into Kraemer Middle School’s lineup of clubs is none other than the Basketball Club. This is one of the school’s biggest afterschool clubs, despite it being the newest addition to the Kraemer’s club lineup. After the club’s first meet-up on October 20th, 2021, the member count quickly skyrocketed, with new members joining by the day. The basketball club’s members are very diverse, ranging from kids with different skill levels and experience levels all competing on the same court. Even off the court, Kraemer Basketball Club has a presence on social media with their Instagram account, which has 127 followers as of March 17th. 

     With founder and club President Evan Nam running the show, he’s turned this club into a favorite after-school activity for its members. By his side helping Evan make decisions are Ethan Woo and Brandon Kim. The newest addition to the club’s board of directors is one of the group’s closest friends and arguably the best basketball player on campus, Zen Bhayani. 

     Each Wednesday of the week, this group hosts games against teams all coached by students here at Kraemer. After a set amount of weeks, the club goes straight into a single-elimination bracket-style playoffs tournament. The teams are seeded based on how well their win/lose ratio is prior to the playoffs. So far, the club is on its second season, with the first season’s playoffs winners being the underdog team “Hoopas” as they beat team “Bouncing Balls” in triple overtime. 

     On December 15th, Kraemer Basketball Club saw its biggest and most hyped event. This date was a showdown between an all-star team of students vs. the school’s top baller teachers. Some of the teachers included were Mrs. Geddis, and Mr. Putman. Mr. Stanley, the principal Mr. Young, and many more. The student team had the likes of the Hoopa’s star player, Myles Gadsden, Kelsey Ikemoto, club co-president Brandon Kim, Adrien Tolentino, plus many others. This anxiety-inducing game included many early 3-pointers from the student team. But around the second quarter, the teachers managed to make it back after some mid-range shots and a few lay-ups. After the end of the second quarter, the student team was leading 21-18. Even the half-time game included more students from Kraemer. Two students were chosen out of the crowd to play a game where they shoot balls from the 3-point line. If they made it, they got to move a cup out of 6 in the direction of their opponent. To add a cherry on top, the game was tied 45-45 after the fourth quarter. Who won? The teachers. They won by a legendary buzzer-beater ending the game off 48-45!

     If this doesn’t convince people to join this awesome up-and-coming club, then who knows what will.