Online Newspaper Elective at Kraemer Middle School


Kraemer Cub Reporter

 The purpose of an elective is to give students a much more fun subject at school to do. It is also for providing the students with an experience they probably have never had before. At Kraemer Middle School, there are many types of electives for both 7th and 8th graders, including Spanish, Speech and Drama, Art, Music Appreciation, AVID, Video Production, and more. There is one elective where students can write articles, edit and publish them. This elective is called Online Newspaper. 

Newspapers have existed for a long time. They were used for spreading the news to the public. Nowadays, they still spread information, but also have advertisements, comic strips, puzzles, and reviews. Kraemer students that are in the newspaper elective write articles like the ones in the actual newspapers. But instead of being printed on paper, the articles are on a website called  The Cub Reporter. That way, everyone can read them. 

The process of writing an article is not very complicated. In fact, the students can write articles about any topic. But it has to fit with the category they’re writing in. There are eight categories they can write for. These categories include Campus Life, News, Features, Opinion, Sports, Science and Technology, Arts and Entertainment, and lastly, Food and Travel. Other than just making sure it relates to the category, there has to be sources of information to write about the topic. After finding resources, all there is to do is write 400 to 700 words about the main topic and examples, happenings, and other things about the topic. 

The person in charge of the newspaper class is Ms. Smith. She is also a Language Arts teacher and a Speech and Drama teacher. Her job is to overlook the newspaper and grade the articles. Other than that, she likes to hear the funny conversations the children have, except if it gets out of hand. Editors are the people, a.k.a students, who take a look at everyone’s articles so that they can change and fix a few of the mistakes that happen when reporters write their articles. The reporters are the students who write the articles. They do the research and develop the ideas to put into their 400-700 word article. 

Despite how hard writing newspaper articles sounds, it is fun and rewarding. The reporters get rewarded by getting their articles published and shown so that others may read them. The Online Newspaper is a great elective for everyone to choose, no matter if they’re in 7th or 8th grade.