Valencia High School 8th Grade Showcase


Valencia High School

On the morning of Wednesday, March 23, 2022, Valencia High School held its annual 8th-grade showcase for incoming freshmen in the 2022-2023 school year. Students of Kraemer Middle School and Valadez Middle School were present in the audience, and they watched attentively as the hard-working students of Valencia eagerly displayed what activities were available there.

Among the activities included, the dance teams, Choir, ComedySportz, Colorguard, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Drumline, ASB, and Cheer were highlighted. One dance team consisted of all girls and the other all guys (called the all-male hip hop team). They stunningly danced to the cool beats and were met with raucous applause. Demonstrating technique, style, and practice, the girls’ dance team executed their routine with synchronization and teamwork, while the all-male hip hop team oozed confidence and vigor on the dance floor. The choir performed a more soulful and emotional piece, their voices blending together pleasingly to create a beautiful melody.

One of the stars of the showcase was undoubtedly the ComedySportz, where the students took suggestions from the audience to perform an impromptu comedy sketch. Some topics discussed were the pros and cons of Fortnite, Batman, anime, pop songs, and Taylor Swift. It’s a very fun club where students get to practice their public speaking skills in a comedic way. More music met the students’ ears as they listened to the delightful sounds of the orchestra and jazz band, and the drumline shocked everyone with their mysterious storyline and their thunderous beats. Colorguard also met everyone’s expectations as they tossed their flags and moved about gracefully, and ASB and cheer energized everyone with their positive spirits and chants.

Not only did the students perform at the showcase, but they also filmed it. TigerTube, Valencia’s video production class, could be seen lugging cameras around and filming the entire showcase, from the performances to the principal’s messages. Their leader briefly spoke about the class and how much fun it was creating videos and showing them to the entire school every week. Furthermore, Valencia’s drama department also explained how Valencia does a couple of shows each year and how rewarding it is to take part in them, whether on stage or behind the scenes. The principal, Mr. Herzfeld, and the assistant principals, Mr. Truong, Mrs. Stills, and Mr. Louie, also appeared at the showcase to talk about Valencia and how hopeful they are for future Tigers to attend.

Later that evening, numerous booths all assembled on the Valencia campus as Kraemer students and other 8th graders all arrived to look around. These included ASB, band, cheer, and dance teams. Some clubs, including Cyber Patriots, had a booth, and different sports/athletics, like cross country and basketball, also had booths. The dance teams and cheer all performed again to the delight of the audience, and counselors were available to answer 8th graders’ and their parents’ questions for the next school year. The Valencia 8th grade showcase truly emphasized the school’s activities and spirit, making it one to remember for both the students at Valencia and at the middle schools.