Student Spotlight: Isaiah L.


Isaiah L.

Kids can be smart, crazy, hyper, kind, disobedient, and have many other personalities and characteristics. But they all are very talented in so many ways and are also very lively. Making friends with kids with those characteristics has many benefits. For example, they can make wonderful conversations, and they can be full of humor and excitement. Many can also be very peculiar, like Isaiah L.

Isaiah L. is a kind and funny boy who attends Kraemer Middle School. He was born on February 16 and is 14 years old. He is the oldest child in his family. Isaiah has two younger sisters named Eliana and Eva and has parents, Trisha and Gabriel. One of the things he likes is having fascinating conversations with his friends. But that is not all he likes to do. He enjoys playing video games, watching horror movies like “Scream” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, dressing up for Halloween, and likes playing Water Polo and baseball.

Although Isaiah is sometimes extremely hyper, he also gets a little lazy. However, he is a very peculiar child. Sometimes, he asks questions that kids and adults find weird but interesting. He is always very curious about people, events, situations, and how things are now. Despite the weird side of his questions, they also make his friends laugh. That is one of the reasons why he makes great relationships with people. Another reason why he makes such great friends is because he treats others politely and makes fun conversations, as mentioned earlier. Of course, he can be a little crazy or strange. That is just how he is. He fears dolls because he says they get a little creepy since they don’t move and they just stare at him. Also, he has one pet peeve that he describes irritating, annoying, and hurtful to his ears. That is the sound of scratching sounds, like nails scratching a wall and making such a hurtful high-pitched sound.

When he grows up, he says he wants to be a Biologist. Isaiah is a very complex child, meaning he is a kid of many talents and personalities. Not only does he ask weird questions, but he tries to solve them like a scientist. He likes school because he likes learning and finding answers to the big hypotheses that he frequently makes. He also uses his imagination to show how he thinks. For example, if he were to be in any universe of movie, books, or video games, he would like to be in the Silent Hill universe.

In conclusion, Isaiah is a strange, but fun friend. The part that his friends like about Isaiah is that he is big-minded. In other words, he is a boy with lots of thoughts and imagination.