Coachella 2022


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Coachella is a lively, vibrant annual music festival.

This year, the lively, colorful, and vastly anticipated music and arts festival, Coachella, makes its return to Indio, California, after a two-year hiatus. Spanning over two weekends, the festival includes performances from over 160 artists and bands, paired with an extensive selection of dishes from some of the highest-rated restaurants in Los Angeles. 

The first weekend of the Empire Polo Club-held festival took place on April 15-17, and the second on April 22-24. Snagging tickets to the long-awaited event began as early as 2020 – due to the pandemic shutting things down starting from March, Coachella 2020 and 2021 needed to be canceled. Coachella honored the 2020 tickets for Coachella 2022, and another presale for tickets launched in January 2022. Tickets are also frequently sold and purchased through third-party markets, many of which are priced up from the original price. For general admission, tickets are priced around $550 dollars and $633 dollars for shuttle combo tickets. As a VIP, a $1,119 dollar ticket would translate into VIP access to specialty food and drink vendors, shaded seating areas, air-conditioned restrooms, and full cash bars. However, Coachella performances are live-streamed on the Coachella Youtube channel, so a ticket is not completely necessary if one still wants to enjoy performances of their favorite artists. 

Headlining the Indio festival are Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and the Weeknd with Swedish House Mafia. The first weekend featured performances from big names such as Phoebe Bridgers, Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Doja Cat, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Baby Keem, just to name a few. Prior to the COVID-19-related 2020 cancellation, the decided headliners consisted of Frank Ocean, Rage Against the Machine, and Travis Scott. Frank Ocean has been announced to be headlining in 2023. Following the Astroworld 2021 tragedy, Travis Scott’s involvement as a headliner was reanalyzed, and as of now, his installment in Coachella doesn’t seem to be included in this festival or future festivals. Coachella is looked at globally, and international artists have also made surprise appearances during the two weekends as well. Asian groups such as AESPA and 2NE1 have made appearances, as well as Latin artists such as Anitta, Grupo Firme, and Banda MS. 

Coachella is iconic in the world of social media and the hotspot for influencers and celebrities. Every year, several top-list celebrities and influencers can be spotted on Coachella grounds. On numerous occasions, these individuals hire stylists, and more often than not, Coachella turns into a fashion show amongst the atmosphere of everything in trend. Typically, crochet clothing is a fundamental piece in Coachella, ranging from crochet tops, to crochet bags, etc. But, many recommend comfortable clothing or shoes, as the festival involves a lot of walking from one stage to another. 

Undoubtedly, Coachella incorporates food and music to create one big festival of vibrancy and liveliness. If the opportunity comes by, a trip to experience Coachella is definitely worth it.