Should Students be Required to Volunteer?

What is it to volunteer? Volunteering is the act of offering a helping hand without any payment required. Volunteering can be a very beneficial thing for you and the community you’re in for various reasons like personal, educational, and professional reasons. This prompts the question if volunteering is so good then should it be required for students to volunteer within their community. Students should be required to volunteer as it is proven to be beneficial for the following reasons

Professionally speaking, requiring students to volunteer within their community would teach valuable skills they wouldn’t be able to learn in a classroom like better communication, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and time management. Also, the Corporation for National and Community Service conducted a study that showed students who have done volunteer work have a 27% boosted chance of finding a job. Students who have done volunteer work create important connections that guide them to different career openings later in life which often leads to letters of recommendation, references, and help with finding job opportunities.

From an educational standpoint, volunteering provides tons of educational benefits. One study from the National Education Longitudinal Study found how students who have volunteered are better in reading, history, science, and math and were more likely to complete high school. This is believed to be because students who volunteer are able to see how their schoolwork applies to the real world, keeping them interested in what they are learning. Also, volunteering gives students an advantage on getting admissions & scholarships, and maybe even sometimes students are able to earn scholarships from community service programs.

On a much more personal stance, volunteering can provide tons of personal benefits for a person. One of those benefits is students are given an opportunity to work with a very diverse group of people helping them develop patience and empathy. Also, volunteering provides mental & health benefits since it is shown that people can have reduced stress & anxiety when they work with a group of people. It can also give students a boost in confidence since the sense of accomplishment for donating their time to help others. Lastly, volunteering is an amazing way to make new friends since you could find new people while volunteering with similar interests as you.

In conclusion, students should be required to volunteer within their community because not only does it help them for personal, educational, and professional reasons but it also helps the community you live in.