Lake Powell’s Lost Canyon



Lake Powell when water levels were normal.

Lake Powell, sometimes considered the most beautiful place on Earth, has also had its fair share of ugly names. It lies about two hundred and fifty miles south of Salt Lake City in what’s known as Slickrock Country and is barely a lake anymore. Recently, the lake’s water level has dropped significantly, which led to the rediscovery of Glen Canyon.

Lake Powell, a man-made byproduct of the Glen Canyon Dam, has been rediscovered as thousands of square acres of land of canyons and gorges. The lake had drowned out the canyon for nearly forty years, and one of the most spectacular canyons called the Cathedral in the Desert is now considered the eighth natural wonder of the world. When the Glen Canyon Dam was built, it created a significant flood in the Colorado River, which was rerouted to Lake Powell, creating a great tourist spot and place to store water for neighboring states. Many organizations that were benefiting from the visiting tourists and naturalists started going head to head when deciding whether or not to replenish Lake Powell. And in an attempt to try to restore “America’s lost national park,” many people not wanting to replenish the canyon with water are suggesting that the rest of the water should be rerouted to a nearby lake.

For the last six decades, the canyon has been forgotten about, and people only knew it as Lake Powell – a great tourist attraction with an amazing water park. Eventually, Glen Canyon was a magical myth that was, in a way, somehow more amazing than the Grand Canyon and, at the same time, more peaceful too. The canyon is entirely natural and was carved over the years by the Colorado River.

Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon have been considered good and bad, but both are beautiful places to visit. Before Lake Powell was created, the Glen Canyon was an incredible sight with countless gorges and canyons that made an excellent hike or place for relaxing. Then eventually, the Glen Canyon dam was built, leaving the canyon to be the only viable place to store all of the extra water. The magnificent canyon was forgotten and became merely a mythical story as the years went on. But as temperatures rose, the level of the water in the canyon lessened and lessened until the canyon was rediscovered once again.