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Boba from Sunright Tea Studio

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Boba from Sunright Tea Studio

Made in Taiwan during the 1980s, boba or tapioca pearls have taken the world by storm. The market size value of bubble tea in 2020 was around 2.3 billion and is expected to almost double by 2027 to 4.2 billion dollars. The pearl itself is the boba, which is made from brown sugar, water, and tapioca starch (also known as cassava starch). The topping has been starred in the classic milk tea, ice cream, and even pancakes in recent times. Boba is much more of an umbrella term, encasing the pearls at the bottom and the drink that comes with those pearls. Quite confusing. Knowing the large-size value of boba and the fact that there are 4,200 bubble tea shops in the U.S. alone, where can one find the best boba? Cub Reporters Melody S. and Itza F. went to 5 trendy boba shops to find out.

Those five boba chains include Ding Tea, Sharetea, and Sunright Tea Studio. From all of those shops, the taste-testers bought their brown sugar black milk tea with pearls and will be rating the boba according to their price, tea, and boba (pearls) itself. Looking at the menus, the cheapest of the drinks would come from Ding Tea, priced at $5.25, while the most expensive was from Sunright Tea Studio, which was priced at $5.70. The largest drink came from Sunright. Its cup was a pleasing 22 ounces; the smallest came from Ding Tea, being 17 ounces.

Though, are the prices worth the size? To test this, all the drinks were asked to have no ice, measured on a scale, then divided by the price to see the price per ounce. The shops from least to greatest were: Sunright Tea Studio (3.86 fluid ounces per dollar), Sharetea (3.67 fluid ounces per dollar), and lastly, Ding Tea (3.24 fluid ounces per dollar).

Lastly, of course, the rating of the drinks themselves. Itza F. liked the boba of Ding Tea the most but enjoyed ShareTea’s milk tea the most. Both Melody S. and Jemy S. both agreed that the drinks and boba of Sunright Tea Studio were the best of the bunch.

In summary, with drinks best worth the price, many others are in agreement that it is the best, Sunright Tea Studio is the best boba (in the Orange County area). Though, cub reporter Itza F. agrees that the other contenders are both worth a buy and visit. Happy drinking!