Musicals That Make History Fun


via The New York Times

An image from the historical musical Hamilton.

The world of history is a truly interesting place. A place filled with stories that range from dark tales to uplifting recaps. For many people, required learning about history can be incredibly boring or just not interesting enough to stay focused when learning about it. However, there is a solution for people looking to learn about history who get bored from reading it from a textbook. The popular musicals Hamilton and SIX are two musicals about historical events. They can be watched live or in the comfort of one’s home and still give the same outstanding experience.

Hamilton is a great popular example of a musical that is both fun and able to recap a series of historical events. The musical tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton and the accomplishments he made up to the end of his life. The musical displays everything that defined who Hamilton was and has been rated PG – 13 for multiple reasons. Lin-Manuel Miranda is known for creating and starring in stage productions that blend modern musical forms with classic musical theater. He is also best known for creating and starring in his production, Hamilton: the American Musical. The musical he created was based on a biography about Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow. His creation first premiered to the public in New York on January 20, 2015. The musical uses different variations of catchy songs, choreography, and dialogue to help tell the founding father’s story. No event is exaggerated or under-described, and it has outstanding quality overall. People looking for a fun experience just need to fit the age requirements to go see Hamilton. Tickets to see the production can be purchased online at their website. In the end, the story of Alexander Hamilton, retold by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is sensational and worth the wait.

Another exceptional musical that is about history to see is titled SIX. SIX is a musical that allows outsiders to view the lives of all six of Henry VIII’s wives. Specifically, the musical doesn’t just focus on basic information but also captures things that people might not know about the six of them. From how they died to how King Henry VIII treated them, summaries told in song form are provided throughout the production. Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymor, Anne of Cleves, Cathrine Howard, and Catherine Parr are the names of each of his wives and are the main storytellers in the musical. They each, in turn, have their own songs to explain what happened between them and Henry VII. However, they also sing songs about what it was like back then and other topics. The musical has been rated 10+ but is still recommended for 12+ for several reasons. However, the plot of the musical isn’t very simple. It is told in the form of a modern pop concert. They sing about how they were treated because the characters are deciding who their lead singer should be. In the end, whoever they decide suffered the most will be crowned the lead singer. Again, overall, the musical is fun and a great learning experience for people interested in learning about the topic.

Once again, the musicals Hamilton and SIX are two great examples of fun productions that have a true story behind them. Still, there are many different musicals for different people looking to learn about different topics. In the end, whatever musical families or individuals decide to go see, it’s destined to be a lot of fun.