Club Spotlight: Cyber Patriots


The Cyberpatriot club is one of the most sophisticated and enjoyable clubs available to aspiring middle school students at Kraemer.

The Cyberpatriot club targets networking and security topics. Rather than building programs, it aims to teach kids to learn how to secure holes in security. The program is run by the Air Force Association, so that you can rely on their impeccable control of the annual competition. Another thing worth mentioning is how the material is taught. Rather than setting a solid curriculum, students are left without any forced way of learning their material. They learn important skills by searching for resources themselves. Rather than have curriculum forced upon them, they use their own motivation, or their longing for victory to do well.

Besides this important contest, they also take part in many other activities. Students also participate in PicoCTF competitions, as well as the SoCal Cyber Cup which are equally good competitions. The latter half of the year is focused on this particular competition. In this competition, participants go against other teams as an offensive action while also defending their own portion of cyberspace.

Cyberpatriots meet every Wednesday after school for about 1-2 hours. Each week, students focus on a new topic to study. A couple of companies sponsors it, so students get free food for each competition without having to pay. They also place in the top rankings throughout the entire national competition. On top of all this, everyone participating gets access to superior resources, including articles, checklists, and even an array of computers to test on ourselves. Cyberpatriots is also partnered with Coastline Community College to have access to their even more extensive research into cybersecurity. They even have Linux and Windows virtual devices, which allows students to simulate real competitions. This way, they can practice their skills in realistic settings in real-time.

Students also get a lot of time to make connections with people who share the same technology-inspired interests as themselves. I’ve made many friends with people I would’ve never thought I would.

In conclusion, The Cyberpatriot program is one of the most beneficial programs that is available to students attending Kraemer Middle School. You can learn about many important cybersecurity skills as well as participate in social events and connect with other students.