Paul George Biography

Paul George, also known as PG13, is one of the NBA’s premier players as he is usually one of the top 15 best players in the league. His story is inspiring as he returned from a horrific injury and returned stronger than ever.

Paul Cliftonantho George was born on May 2, 1990, in Palmdale, California. He is the youngest child of his parents, Paul George Sr. and Paulette George. George has two older sisters, Teiosha and Portala. Growing up, George was encouraged by his family to pursue sports, as his sisters both played in college.

George went to Pepperdine University and transferred a semester later, enrolling at the California State University of Fresno. He played for two years in college before deciding to declare for the 2010 NBA Draft. He was selected as the tenth pick of the NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers.

During George’s rookie season, he made the all-rookie second team and was a starter for his team in the playoffs, and unfortunately, he lost in Game 5 to the Chicago Bulls. In 2012, Paul’s season was solid as he secured the MIP, Most Improved Player of the Year Award, and became an Allstar. During the early 2010s, the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat were competing for what seemed like most years for a spot in the NBA Finals, and George vs. Lebron was one of the most exciting rivalries in the NBA at the time. However, Lebron always got the best of George as the Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers every time.

During the 2014 offseason, Paul George suffered a terrible injury when he was training with the US National Team. George had fractured both of the bones in his lower right leg. Many thought he was done for the whole season, but George played the last six games of the regular season.

The following season, George looked better than he ever was, becoming an all-star. Paul played a few more years for the Pacers before signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017. His first year in Oklahoma was good, but his next season was phenomenal. Paul George was a top 3 MVP candidate, an all-star, was named All-NBA First Team, and All-Defensive First Team.

In 2019, George was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers to team up with fellow superstar Kawhi Leonard. Today, George is still on the Clippers, competing for his first championship with Kawhi Leonard.