Sacramento Shooting


Police Officers Investigating the Shooting

In a terrible turn of events, six people were killed and twelve more injured in a California shooting. The murder spree took place in Sacramento, the capital of California. Three men and three women ages twenty-one to fifty-seven, the deceased victims lost their lives on the third of April, during what should have been an ordinary Sunday.

A couple of days after the massacre occurred, a suspect, Dandrae Martin, was apprehended by the police. Over the course of the shooting, over a hundred bullets were fired, hitting three cars, three buildings, and at least eighteen people. Dandrae Martin was charged for illegally having a gun on his person, as well as for assault. The slaughter had no clear intentions behind it and appeared to have been violence merely for the sake of violence. Many families and friends were left mourning for their loved ones, lost in the dead of night. The victims were known as Melinda Davis, Johntaya Alexander, Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, Sergio Harris, Devazia Turner, and Yamile Martinez-Andrade, and no amount of persecution of their killer will bring them back. 

 The state of California has over a hundred laws about guns, each covering gun ownership and use, amongst other things. Yet none of these laws saved the lives of the six innocent people who were murdered in cold blood. Immediately before the shooting, there had been a street fight at the same location. The murders were located near an entertainment district. Some people had likely been drinking. A thousand excuses can and have been made, yet none of them make sense. The street fighters have no known connection to the shooter, and the influence of alcohol shouldn’t give anyone homicidal tendencies. Strangely, the shooter wasn’t even the drunk one in the incident. Rates of gun violence in the nation, including Sacramento, have been rising through the roofs, with firearms causing more and more destruction and grief with each passing day. Laws are being considered, but it is unlikely that this will solve the overlying problem. A short while ago, for example, an American man with a history of domestic violence killed an agent from Child Protective Services, along with his three underage children. He committed these murders with a gun. As a criminal with a record, the man should not have had access to the weapon at all but had circumvented these rules by building one himself using an online tutorial. The United States has always had a gun problem on some level, and the Sacramento Shooting is only one of the many heinous crimes committed in the country. Six people have lost their lives, and there is little to do but hope that better laws will be made, with better enforcement.