Amazon Go Stores

    Amazon Go stores are convenience stores located in the U.S. and the U.K. and controlled completely online. These stores are entirely cashier-less, with customers able to walk in, grab what they need, and walk out without having to be checked out by a cashier. Now, in 2022, there are 29 total Go stores in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and London. The first store opened in Seattle and was opened to employees before being opened to the public a little more than two years after, and about a month later, Amazon started offering its technology to other retailers. 

    In the beginning stages of creating the cashier-less stores, Amazon stated that they would create at least three stores, all with different designs. As they became more popular, though, Amazon was able to build more and more stores, even some out of the country. And even though reports stated that the stores would be available to the public in 2017, bugs in the software when more than 20 people entered the store delayed the opening until 2018. The variety of products that the stores sell also contributed to their popularity in the beginning phases. Along with stocking local and name brands, they also sell many house brands like Wickedly Prime and 365. Over the next few years, Amazon was able to open another store in Seattle along with one in South Lake Union opened the same year and openings in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York following that. 

    Amazon utilizes many technologies to automate the Go stores, like deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion for purchases, checkouts and payment steps, and computer vision. This technology mainly relies on smartphone prevalence as well as inventory management. Unfortunately, the prototype location in Seattle faced some problems with tracking items and customers when they had a similar body build, or things were moved and incorrectly placed. When they fixed this problem, the Amazon Go app linked to consumers’ Amazon accounts and is primarily used for payment aside from paying cash at certain locations. When entering the store, the app creates a Q.R. code that is scanned by turnstiles that will start tracking the customers’ items. On the ceiling of the stores, there are multiple cameras and weight sensors on the shelves to detect if someone took an item or put it back.

    Amazon Go stores are a revolutionary invention that will forever change the way modern grocery stores will look. These stores are completely cashier-less, and people are able to grab whatever they need and walk out without having to wait to be checked out. And even though there are a lot of these stores, each one is special and unique.