Lexus’ EV Lineup

    “Out with the old, and in with the new” is an idiom almost everyone has heard. With internal combustion, engines were quickly phased out by electric motors. This idiom seems to resemble the current car industry more and more. As competition is likely to heat up soon, Lexus’ parent company, Toyota, announced plans to launch 30 brand new electric vehicles by 2030, many of which are supposed to be marketed under the Lexus badge. For those that don’t know, Lexus is the luxury division of the Toyota Motor Corporation. So far, they only exist in about 90 countries and territories worldwide. Starting with the now-infamous LS 400, Toyota has been producing luxury vehicles since 1989 and pursuing perfection. In 2011, Lexus manufactured and sold close to 200,000 cars in the United States alone. Plus, their yearly sales of about 300,000 in 2022, an 11.8% increase over the prior year of 2020, make them the fourth-largest luxury automobile manufacturer globally.

    On February 8th, 2022, Lexus unveiled their plans for an electric-powered line-up of cars. They also plan to have them all rolling off the assembly line by 2023. Many of these newly unveiled cars are new takes on some of the brand’s already existing vehicles. For instance, the new 2023 Lexus RZ is meant to look similar and replace the company’s current small crossover, the Lexus NX. During the event, Lexus also revealed a new LFA-inspired electric supercar. It’s powered by a solid-state battery, capable of reaching a 0-60 time in just 2 seconds and a quoted range of about 400 miles on a full charge. Despite not possessing a V10 like the original LFA, Lexus stated that it would have some of the “secret sauce” carried over to this new electric vehicle. However, there’s no official name for the car yet.

    While many people hate to see the beloved and highly renowned internal combustion engine go, others are pleased to see the beginning of an electric car era. With Lexus and many other manufacturers joining the electric car market, it’s going to change the next generation of car enthusiasts forever.