The Most Luxurious Restaurants in the World



Inside the New York restaurant, Per Se.

Over time, food has become a means of measuring luxurious lifestyles, as the modern world offers expensive and exquisite dishes up to 2,000 dollars in payments. These globally loved restaurants not only have flawless execution in their dishes but the top-notch atmosphere, location, and service as well. 

Starting with the food capital of the United States, Japanese restaurant Masa in New York, New York offers a timeless, simple atmosphere while still maintaining the traditional Japanese culture seen all throughout the restaurant. Japanese customs of hospitality influence their exceptional service and attentiveness to customers. At 595 dollars per person, Masa does not follow a specific dress code, although customers usually dress up to complement the luxurious atmosphere. Reservations should be made weeks in advance to the lavish restaurant, and schedules should be cleared – canceled reservations made less than 48 hours before result in a 200-dollar fee per person. 

Next up in New York is Per Se, opened to the public by Thomas Kellers in 2004. Per Se holds the title of a three-star Michelin restaurant – Per Se being Kellers’ second three-star Michelin restaurant. Per Se is recognized for its presentation and flavors of both American and French cuisine. Overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle, customers are offered three tasting menus consisting of vegetarian options and a nine-course tasting menu, the most favored choice by Per Se diners. 

Finally, in the country of Spain, Ibiza is home to the most expensive restaurant in the world, which currently sits at 2,380 dollars per person. The 20-course tasting menu of Sublimotion features the creations of Michelin two-star chef Paco Roncero. Entrance to the restaurant is only available in the summer season from June 1st to September 30th and is closed for the remainder of the year. As a diner in Sublimotion, one will be immediately immersed in a breathtaking experience that presents laser light shows, virtual reality elements, and projection mapping. Dining time usually lasts three hours, and the service includes twenty-five professionals presenting each course one by one. In 2014, Sublimotion was awarded the Best Food Innovation and Beverage award and has made it its mission to provide the best culinary-entertainment experience you might possibly ever encounter in your life. If someone gets the honor of snagging a reservation at the culinary-entertainment restaurant, an edible ticket would be given to them to eat after entering the restaurant. 

Prime level restaurants can be found all over the world with excellent food, as well as quality service and entertainment. The stellar experiences are unlike any other, and while enjoying the flavors created by Michelin star chefs, the architecture and atmosphere won’t disappoint either.