The MESA Factor

For those 7th graders out there who don’t know what MESA is, MESA is a math group lead by Mr. Lee. They meet in his classroom 407 on Wednesdays and Fridays during PRIDE and after school on Thursdays.

According to the Kraemer Middle School website page on MESA, MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program. It was founded in 1970 and is held annually in March at Chapman University. It’s purpose is to encourage students to learn more about math, engineering, and science  in “exciting and new” ways.

A few weeks ago it was announced that you could have joined by going to Mr.Lee’s class after school on Thursday, September 18th or by simply just joining the Edmodo group.

Caitlyn H., a participant of the MESA team, said, “It’s a combination between the things I like the most, which is math and science together.”

Another participant named Colin I. also talked about how he thinks MESA is a great program and how it can help with his engineering skills.

For their first few meetings, they did the “Index Card Challenge” which is a challenge to see who can create the cheapest tower under $75 made up of index cards and staples to stack a textbook 12 inches or more.The rules were and index card was $1, and staple was $1, and fold on a card was $1, and  curves on a card were not allowed.

Right now they are currently practicing for particular events such as building cars powered by mouse traps or making a bridge out of sticks holding as many textbooks as possible using endless techniques.

So lets cheer them on to “March” on to Chapman University and win over all those other middle schools who will also be competing against the MESA team of Kraemer!