Top 3 Places to Visit in Italy


Wikimedia Commons

The Colosseum

Italy is home to some of the most famous artists, unique scenery, and architecture. Its capital, Rome, has some of the most beautiful architectural buildings that have been around for centuries. Notable for these aspects, the European country has several places to visit, but the top three places to visit are the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Vatican Museums. Their structure and distinctive features make these spots some of the most visited locations in Italy. Additionally, there are around 6 million people who visit these places each year, which shows that these places are worthwhile attractions to visit in their lives. 

The Colosseum, an important architectural landmark, has been around in Italy since the Renaissance and has been one of the most visited landmarks in the world. For two years straight, the Colosseum has been confirmed as the most popular attraction from 2018 to 2019. The historic building was an entertainment venue for gladiator fights, animal hunts, and even battles where combatants would fight to the death. The Colosseum can be found in Italy’s capital, Rome, and was built to strengthen Rome after tumultuous years of emperors.

Another top place to visit is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Its breathtaking view over the city of Pisa is a great experience that many tourists take part in every year. The building is considered one of the most remarkable architectural structures created during medieval Europe and is located in one of the most visited European cities. As the construction of the building took around 200 years to complete, the name of the building was a mystery. However, architect Bonanno Pisano officially named the tower, despite his embarrassment of its tilt. The structure was constructed of white marble, including a chamber of bells and eight stories. 

Lastly, the Vatican Museums are notable places to visit in Italy, known for their art collection from the past. Housing a collection of Renaissance art pieces, the Vatican Museums showcase a great gallery that several tourists visit year-round. In addition, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world as a part of Italy, attracting many visitors for how enormous the museums appear. There are fifty-four Vatican Museums in Italy, founded by Pope Julius II in the 16th century.   

Overall, the top three places to visit in Italy are the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Vatican Museums. As they have been significant parts of history, visiting the landmarks would give individuals more knowledge of the background of Italy.