NFL Offseason Update

It is still early in the NFL Offseason, and a lot has happened. There are still a lot of big trades that could happen, but this has already been an unforgettable offseason. Already, there have been several blockbuster trades and signings. There are sure to be more big moves this season.

One big deal that went down was the trade of Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns. This trade gave the Houston Texans three first-round picks, a fourth, and a fifth-round pick. This trade was graded an A for both teams as the Browns secured their future QB while the Texans will be able to rebuild their team with these picks. Deshaun Watson has not played a game in over a year because of 25 different assault charges against him. He was ruled not guilty and will be able to play in the 2022 season for the Browns. Watson brings something different than other QBs do. He can run and has a top-notch arm. He brought the Texans to the playoffs, and they almost made a deep run but were stopped cold by the Chiefs in a late-game stunner. While he was on the Texans, he racked up a career total of 14539 yards and an overall 67.8 completion percentage. He also threw 104 touchdowns to just 36 Interceptions. Watson is just 26 years old and will hopefully be able to continue his success on the Browns.

The second big trade was the trade of Davante Adams to the Raiders. Packers fans were shocked at the decision to trade Adams after they had just extended their Hall of Fame QB. The Raiders received Adams and in return, gave the Packer a first and second-round pick for 2022. Adams has been a stud for many years and has been to 5 Pro-Bowls; it’s not hard to see why when you look at the numbers. He has a whopping 669 receptions for 8121 yards in his career, not to mention his 73 touchdowns. He did not win a ring while on the Packers but did get 11 playoff appearances. He will be reunited with his former college QB Derek Carr who played with him for two years at Fresno State.

The last big move was Tom Brady coming out of retirement and going back to the Bucs. Brady, who is 45, will be re-signing with the Bucs on a one-year 25 million dollar deal for his 23 and possibly final season. He hopes to win one more ring and then retire, as last year, his powerhouse offense was stopped short by the defending champion Rams. Brady posted over 5000 yards and 43 touchdowns last year. Fans of football are wondering if he has enough left in the tank for one more ring, and he said yes by signing this deal.

The NFL is still a few months away from the beginning of training camp, and there’s still time for more big deals. Baker Mayfield is now requesting a trade, and that could be the next huge deal, but this is all of the updates that are currently available surrounding the NFL’s free agency.