Shooting at Car Show in Arkansas


On a Saturday night in Arkansas, Dumas, two people got into a shootout during a car show, which led to multiple people getting severely injured. Twenty-seven people were injured, with one person sadly dying. Some of the victims were innocent bystanders who were only trying to have a fun time at the car show. This show was a part of an annual picnic for the neighborhood in an attempt to raise funds for scholarships and school supplies for deserving people. Their goal is to rebuild, reunite, and respond to the needs of the youth in their communities, and this has been going on for around 16 years.

At least six children were injured, the youngest being around 19 months. Luckily, all of the children had minor injuries and were released from the hospital following their treatment. One child was shot in the leg while waiting in line for funnel cake, and her mother was shot in the stomach. The same child said that there were people trampling over one another in an attempt to get out of harm’s way. Sadly, there was one person who died during the incident, but he was not the one responsible for the shootout. Authorities identified him as 23-year-old Cameron Schaffer from Jacksonville, Arkansas. Fortunately, police were able to identify one out of the two people responsible for the shootout. The man was arrested after he was released from a hospital in Dumas on a Wednesday morning. He was charged with first-degree battery as well as aggravated assault. The Arkansas state police have no information, and it is unclear as to why he was hospitalized after the shootout. The police have not found the second person who was responsible, though. They did arrest a second person, but the arrest was unrelated because they could not find connections to the violence.

The founder of the neighborhood picnic, Wallace McGehee, was extremely saddened and in shock by the incident that occurred at the car show. The picnic heavily discouraged violence since it was a foundation that was educational and non-profit. The years before had no issues with violence or anything of the sort. The founder had also witnessed the shooting. The adults’ goal was to get down and get the children out of harm’s way. The incident was sorrowful, and prayers and condolences for the people that were affected have been offered.