Should the Internet Be Censored?


via Pixabay

a diagram of things that have to do with the internet

As the world continues to develop through the means of technology. People have been wondering if being able to post something online and instantly spreading information – whether it be false or true – is a good thing. Although having freedom is a must for many in America, people are left wondering if this much power on the internet is warranted for the everyday citizen. After seeing previous attempts by other countries, I would have to say that the Internet should not be censored.

First,  the internet should not be censored because of the results of other countries’ attempts. We have seen that China does in fact censor their internet, with little success. This is because many people within China do not like these censoring rules, and opt to use things like VPNs (Virtual Private Network), to bypass such firewalls. Because of this, if the internet were to be censored in the United States, it would warrant a similar result of many citizens choosing to bypass these restrictions, therefore making such an implementation useless. In addition to this, by creating certain phrases blacklisted on the internet, some important discussions might not even be possible for many.

Another reason the internet should not be censored is because it removes basic freedom of speech that is provided in the US. If the internet was censored, many people would be unable to provide their own personal opinion on the situation in the United States, or even discuss it online. Due to these restrictions, many people would not exactly be happy being unable to voice their own opinions in the “Land of the Free.” With this, it would also start funneling power to the higher ups in the United States, as only their voice would be heard online, rather than many voicing their opinions, willing to go for a change on something they don’t like. Things such as strong language, political arguments, and even sometimes offensive language, can be a part of a good democracy.

The final reason is that implementing something as large as internet censorship would cost millions, as people would need to figure out what to censor, and how to censor these things. Despite being something online, many people would think it would be fast and easy, but that is actually the opposite, for example, GSA which cost millions to create online to provide government resources to citizens all over the USA. Even then, as stated before, after creating this, it would be wasted money, as many people would not be happy and most likely bypass the restrictions.

For these reasons, I believe that the USA should not have censorship. Despite the world advancing in technology, people have started to see a need for censorship in the United States, but being able to post something online without worrying about whether it complies with laws is not something that people should have to worry about. Because of this, internet censorship should not be a thing anywhere if possible. However, due to different countries having different standards it would be hard to remove censorship everywhere.