The Ship Endurance Found After 107 Years

The ship Shackleton’s Endurance was built in 1912 to embark on an expedition to be the first to cross Antarctica. However, this expedition failed once when his ship, the Endurance, got trapped in a dense ice pack. It wasn’t all in vain, though. Ernest Shackleton and his crew were recognized for their endurance during the expedition. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to know that the Endurance became one of the most celebrated shipwreck discoveries. It hadn’t been found in over a century, and a famous expeditionist owned it.

Thought to be impossible, Ernest Shackleton’s famous ship was recently found after 107 years. An expedition was carried out to find the sunken ship. Mensun Bound, the expedition director, and John Shears, the expedition leader, set out to find the famous ship. Tensions were high as they only had four days left until the icebreaker had to return to the Cape Town Port, where it was from. Finding the ship was difficult, too; Bound described it as the “most unreachable wreck ever.” It was so difficult because of the location it was in; being one of the iciest and most remote waters wasn’t helping the expedition.

    On March 5th, John Shears and Mensun Bound needed a break from the expedition, as they had no break. Bound had said, “We’d been talking how we need to get off the ship to stretch our legs,” and followed up with, “And we decided today was the day.” At 4 pm, they headed to an iceberg that was trapped in the packed ice about a mile away. They saw stunning views and even had a few Adélie penguins nearby. Eventually, they returned to the ship, where they met up with Nicolas Vincent, the manager for the underwater elements of the expedition. He held up his phone, showcasing an image, and said, “Gents, I want to introduce you to the Endurance.”

    Surprisingly, the ship was in good condition for a shipwreck. Its name was still clearly shown on the stern of the ship. The glass from the portholes was still intact, and the caulk in between the boards was still visible. Bound, who has had previous experiences with discovering shipwrecks, noted that it was “the finest wooden shipwreck I have ever seen — by far.”

    A drone had been sent out underwater to scan the ship while Shears and Bound were away. Using sonar images and careful inspection, it was apparent that they were of the ship, Endurance. It would only take four days for the discovery of the legendary ship to be made public. The reveal would include photographs and videos.