Which is Better: DC or Marvel


via Pixabay

Different Marvel comic covers.

A battle that has raged on for decades, consisting of two universes, none small and both large, but still, there remains a question presently unsolved. Which is the better superhero universe, Marvel or DC? Most people compare the two by who would win in a fight. Their net worths are also commonly compared, but they appear both as 4 billion USD when found on the internet, but the Marvel universe seems to be more popular, so which is better? Marvel or DC?


To look at this situation in an ordeal manner, it is of utmost importance to compare and contrast the two by comparing their popularity. When comparing popularity, they still come close. Every prominent Marvel hero from the main series decimated their opposing DC counterparts. The only DC poll close to beating Marvel was Quicksilver versus Flash, 51% to 49%, and DC still lost all of them. Every comparison on the internet that could be found always favored Marvel, so it is undoubtedly the victor of this category.


Next to compare is the background, character growth, and other environmental additions that make each movie or universe so lovable. The first is DC. The DC universe consists of many planets, including Earth, that support intelligent life, but the only one explained in full detail was Superman’s planet, which blew up, and every single major event in DC happens on Earth. Every villain finds some magic super spaceship or portal that whips them straight to Earth to fight the Justice League. There is the occasional trip to a random planet to fight someone, but that is all there is. In Marvel, the primary main series is a collection of movies building up to the final two, which happen on multiple planets across the galaxy. There are even aliens involved in fighting on either side of the war. There aren’t any respectable aliens in DC besides Starfire. There is so much information in every single detail in Marvel that makes it seem so real and believable.


Last is their powers. DC superheroes have no good way of explaining how they get their powers besides a few. Superman shouldn’t gain powers from the sun just because he’s an alien, and the Flash got his powers from breathing in water particles. The only good explanations are Batman’s and Wonder Woman’s powers. Batman trained for years and geared himself with powerful weaponry, while Wonder Woman is a literal goddess. Marvel, however, did a great job at explaining in explicit detail how each character obtained their powers. Iron Man broke out of a jail cell with a prototype mechanical suit and later upgraded it to its full extent, and Captain America was injected with a super-soldier serum that made him significantly stronger and resistant. 


Overall, Marvel beats DC in pretty much every major quality a superhero universe should contain and has details DC could only dream of. Marvel not only obliterates DC in every popularity contest, but it also gives good reasons for anything and everything happening. Marvel is undoubtedly the superior superhero universe and victor of this long debatable question.