Actor Spotlight: Pedro Pascal


via Wikimedia Commons

Pedro Pascal at Comic Con.

From space travel to medieval fantasy, movies have a diverse range of genres and methods of entertaining. Along with such entertainment, one will find a range of unique actors with trademark looks, voices, or even unique fashion. As of recently, one particular actor has been hidden behind a Beskar helmet. Who would this be? None other than the Chilean-American star, Pedro Pascal. Pascal has a boatload of experience under his belt, likely appearing in movies and or series many people had no idea he was in!


Born to Verónica Pascal and José Balamencada in 1975, Pedro was able to have an interesting and extremely unusual childhood. In their spare time, the parent duo was passionate activists against what was a dictatorship in their home country. What this led to was the seeking of refuge in two countries, Chile and Denmark. Pedro’s parents decided that moving to the United States would be a better opportunity for their children. This venture into the fifty states ended with settling in San Antonio, Texas, as well as Orange County, California. The then-eight-year-old Pascal turned out to be an amazing swimmer, competing in many competitions in both states. Like most children, his passions changed as the years went on. Young Pascal was inspired by the class and technique that drama classes had, putting him on the track he needed to follow. At the age of eighteen, a now matured Pascal studied what he needed to succeed at the Orange County School of the Arts. Four years later, Pedro graduated from the Tisch School of Arts located at New York University. After such a prestigious education, it wouldn’t be long before he got some decent roles.


Only two years after he graduated, he managed to find himself in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and though it was only for a single episode, it was quite an accomplishment. Over the next ten years or so, he appeared in multiple episodes of Law and Order, as well as tons of other crime-related media. It wasn’t until these last eight years that Pedro Pascal got his breakthrough. Starting in 2014, Pascal got a recurring role as Oberyn Martell in the massive success that was Game of Thrones. Following that outstanding acting, Pascal was cast as Jack Daniels in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Now that his name was out, late 2018 brought what could be his biggest role yet. In 2018, Disney brought Pedro in to star in the main role, Din Djarin, in The Mandalorian. Other titles he starred in include Wonder Woman: 1984, The Book of Boba Fett, and even the video game Dishonored 2.


All in all, Pedro Pascal had an interesting childhood, having been related to activists amidst a dictatorship. Along with this childhood, Pascal brought a lot to the table in whatever he starred in, TV series or not. Dylan C. along with many hope his career will last decades to come.