Jeff Bezos: The MegaYacht


Wikimedia Commons

Jeff Bezos superyacht cost around $400 million.

Recently, Jeff Bezos has been working on building a 417-foot, $400 million MegaYacht. Bezos’ ship is so large that it can be built only in the Netherlands. To get the boat to sea, he’s paying to destroy a very old bridge that’s in the way. However, the locals aren’t very happy about it, with more than twenty thousand people RSVPing to egg it.
The Y721 is a three-masted aluminum and steel schooner, about four hundred and seventeen feet in length. In addition to being the largest sailing yacht ever constructed, it’s also the largest yacht of any kind produced in the Netherlands, according to the source.
The bridge Jef Bezos is paying to be destroyed, nicknamed The Hef, is one hundred and forty-five years old. It has a one hundred and thirty-foot clearance, but Y721 needs more than that. On the bright side, Bezos and the shipbuilder, Oceanco, have offered to cover the cost of the ordeal in order to get the new superyacht out.
There is a Facebook group associated with the boat, with multiple opinions posted there about the event. “How many people throw eggs one day and buy from Amazon the next?” one person asked. Someone else shared plans for how to build “a cannon that fires eggs at a high rate of speed and launches them to great distances” out of PVC piping.
Esquire has a slightly different story about the event. According to the webpage, the boat is one hundred and thirty-six meters (about four hundred and forty-four feet) and has a swimming pool, eleven cabins, a cinema, two helipads, and a two-deck spa that includes a gym, sauna, and massage area. According to the page, the Flying Fox yacht was built in 2019 by Lürssen and features an exterior design by Espen Oeino and an interior by Mark Berryman.
These two pages tell slightly different stories, with one saying that the yacht was built by Oceanco, and the other saying it’s built by Lürssen. Fox Business says the boat is about one hundred and twenty-seven meters, while Esquire says one hundred and thirty-six. Esquire states a date of 2017 while Fox Business says 2022. Clearly, there is quite a bit of controversy, but the information is about the same thing. This means that Jeff Bezos is probably paying for a real yacht, but who knows?