FBI Looking For ‘Black and White Sneaker Bandit’


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The ‘Black and White Sneaker Bandit’ is one of many bank robbers, so everyone must be careful in these types of environments.

Bank robberies are more common than one might think. When someone robs a bank, they are usually in disguise, but a recent robber known as the ‘Black and White Sneaker Bandit’ did not have any sort of disguise, only a mask over his face. The only notable thing about him is the black and white sneakers he wears in all of his robberies. He has robbed 8 Southern California banks and hasn’t been caught yet, but there is an image of him that has been released to the public so that people can help find him. 

Investigators have found that he robbed four banks in Huntington Beach, three in Costa Mesa, and one in Fullerton. This criminal activity started back on October 20, 2021, to this past January. The bandit wore different clothes each time but wore the same sneakers. According to OC Register, they state that the bandit passed a note to the teller during each robbery. The note stated, “He’s got armed help inside and outside the bank.” To protect the workers and the people in the bank, the tellers handed him the cash. However, investigators and the FBI are not sure if he was actually armed. 

During the pandemic, crimes rose exponentially. In 2019, 2160 commercial bank robberies occurred, and most of these robberies occurred on Friday. The most common time for a bank robbery is between 3 and 6 PM. In 2020, according to the FBI, there were 1338 robberies of commercial banks in the U.S. alone. Banks lose about $482 million or $4213 per offense when bank robberies occur. According to the Capital Counselor statistics, 44.8% of robbers used strong-arm tactics, 36.4% used firearms, and 8.5% used knives or cutting instruments. Bank robberies seem like they don’t occur often, but they are still very common today, looking at the statistics. 

The economy right now isn’t at its best, and this can cause crimes to increase. One needs to be aware of their surroundings wherever they go. If they notice any suspicious activity or behavior, they should call the police immediately. This can be one way that someone can protect themselves and their community. As for the ‘Black and White Sneaker Bandit,’ he is still on the loose. If anyone has any information about him, they should immediately contact law enforcement so that he can be put behind bars and keep banks safe.