Banned Movies

A drawing of a movie clapperboard.

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A drawing of a movie clapperboard.

In the past, several movies have been banned for a number of reasons: some were too gory, and others were controversial. Some movies have been banned in several states, while others were banned in multiple countries. On a list of some of the most banned movies ever, the most banned movie is A Clockwork Orange. The recurring themes of violence, religion, and politics are the most common in banned movies worldwide. Cinema owners ultimately get the say in which movies they want to show to the public but don’t have the opportunity to ban the movie from the state/country. As of right now, no movies in the U.S. can be banned but can be censored in other parts of the world. 

    In the movie A Clockwork Orange, there were controversial opinions on the depictions of graphic violence. In Great Britain, the concerns about violence in the movie eventually led to its ban. Not only was there a movie, but a book was created as well, gaining the same opinions and controversy as the movie itself. Although the amount of horror in movies has been significantly altered during recent years, A Clockwork Orange has some really intense and disturbing scenes that were a leading factor in its ban. Stanley Kubrick, the director of the movie, decided that banning the movie would be the best action to take to end some of the controversies. However, the ban only lasted until his death in 1999. 

    Another movie that was banned in several countries is The Exorcist. The movie included several scary scenes, some of which caused people to faint, have a heart attack, and throw up during showings in theaters. In addition to A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist was also banned in Britain for eleven years. However, during its ban, there were still some theaters that continued to play the movie. The Britain Board of Film Classification decided to classify the movie with an X certificate, meaning that the movie wasn’t suitable for children under the age of eighteen.

    Overall, many movies released to the public end up being way too inappropriate for certain age groups and tons of controversy, leading to their ban. Although there aren’t any movies currently banned in the U.S., there are many censored movies all around the world due to violence, controversy, offensive scenes, religious beliefs, and political reasons. In order to protect the public from having to view any content that is deemed too offensive, many movies have and will be banned.