Movie Review: Creed


via Wikimedia Commons

Three of the Creed cast members together.

The film, Creed, premiered on November 25, 2015. It was directed by Ryan Coogler. The movie features a popular cast, including Micheal B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and more. The inspiration for this movie was from the Rocky movies, and it shows the steps of Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis Creed.

The movie begins in 1998 in a detention center. Adonis Creed is in his room when his mother (Mary Ann) comes to pick him up. In 2015, Creed quits his job and follows his dream of becoming a professional boxer. Creed’s dad (Apollo Creed) was killed in the ring by Drago. So Creed’s mother did not want him to follow in his father’s footsteps and get killed, but Creed convinces his mom to let him fly to Philadelphia to get trained by Rocky Balboa. Rocky was the main character in the first four films. Creed is able to travel and convinces Rocky to be his coach. Rocky quickly puts Creed to work. He goes to train where Rocky used to train. While this is happening, Creed finds a love interest who turns out to be a singer. Pretty Rick challenges Creed to a fight. This is happening because Pretty Rick is being forced into retirement. Rocky tells Creed that he has Cancer. He does push-ups, pull-ups, wall sits, planks, jump rope, running, and sparring in training. On the night of the fight between Creed and Pretty Rick, Creed’s girlfriend gives him shorts similar to the ones that Rocky wore. The fight begins, Creed gets knocked down but never gives up, and he gets back up and continues fighting. Creed ends up knocking down Pretty Rick. This is a huge moment because Pretty Rick has never been knocked down in his entire boxing career. But Pretty Rick gets back up. The boxing match is over, and Pretty Rick wins by the judges’ decision, but before leaving, Pretty Rick tells Creed that he is an amazing fighter. The movie ends with Rocky and Creed climbing the 72 Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, commonly referred to as the “Rocky Steps” in his honor. 

This movie was excellent. The character development that happened in just 2 hours is impressive. This ending is terrific. If one has watched the original Rocky movies, one will find out that those steps represent underdogs. This ending shows how Creed is an underdog in this story.