Student Spotlight: Kirbie O.


Kirbie O. is a student at Kraemer Middle School, and is a person who never fails to make those around her laugh. Kirbie always tries her best and goes above and beyond when it comes to academics. Outside of school, Kirbie is engaged in sports and helps around her house when she can. As an individual, she strives to be kind and generous to all she comes in contact with. In the end, Kirbie O. is a great person and deserves to be recognized for her talents and positive character.

Kirbie was born on April 9th in Fullerton, CA. After four years of living in her home, her family moved out and into a house located in Yorba Linda. Her family consists of her mom, dad, a dog named Lucie, a cat named Kimberly, and, obviously, herself. She soon enrolled in Fairmont Elementary school for kindergarten through sixth grades. After promoting from elementary school, she became a scholar at Kraemer Middle School, where she continued her journey in education. 

Now that she has begun 7th grade, she feels a lot more confident in the still continuing school year. She has realized her passion for design and hopes that she can become an interior designer one day. Willing to do anything to become a professional designer, she will need a relevant degree, foundation degree, or HND. Employers in her dream field also prefer qualifications in relevant subjects, which can include architecture, fine art, furniture design, interior/spatial design, interior architecture, textile design, and 3D design. Her other hobbies include tennis, which she attends a clinic for, swimming, and gaming with friends. Her primary goal in life is to have a stable job while having supportive friends and family.

At home, Kiribe tries to help out when she can find time to. When she can provide help at home, her tasks might include doing her laundry, washing dishes, replacing trash bags, cleaning up her room, and making sure her pets are fed and healthy. Kirbie believes that she acts more polite while she’s home and states that her mom inspires her the most, always providing support and giving her confidence. Kirbie strives to match her mom’s kindness when she is outside. She hopes that one day, when people think of her, they think of someone who is both kind and generous. Even so, she already displays positive qualities. People around Kirbie describe her as talented, extroverted, exceptional, and outstanding. Kirbie says that she tends to act goofier when she’s out with friends because they can understand her modern humor. 

Who is Kirbie O.? She’s a friend, student, daughter, dreamer, and athlete. Though she doesn’t know it, people already think that she is kind, generous, and an all-around good person. Her dreams are sure to arrive with parents who love her unconditionally and a responsible attitude. Kirbie O. is a great individual and deserves to be a student in the spotlight.