Missing Girl Found Alive Under Staircase


via Pixabay

A crime scene with police cars, which was the image outside Paislee’s house after her disappearance.

Hidden under the staircase in a moist, uncomfortable, and cramped compartment for two years was a 6-year-old girl. Ordered to keep silent when police, guardians, and others arrived to search for the poor soul, only for her to be just out of reach. That was what young Paislee Shultis had to go through. One can only imagine the trauma she endured after and during the events of this kidnapping, though people can only hope she recovers mentally.

In late 2019, a 4-year-old Paislee suddenly vanished from the outskirts of Cayuga Heights, a small village somewhere in northern New York. Authorities had immediate suspicions of her biological parents, seeing as, at the time, they had just lost custody of Paislee. Warrants upon warrants were granted for the police to search the couple’s house. Tips flowed in from various sources only to turn up blank. Countless hours of searching yielded no results. That was until another search was granted in early 2022.

The house of Paislee’s biological parents was full of red flags, the biggest one being a bedroom in the basement with Paislee’s name on the wall. When the biological parents were questioned about the decoration, they simply replied with, “They had set the room up if Paislee ever showed up at their doorstep.” Any sane person can agree that this was a lie. To add further documentation towards the case, investigators determined that the bed had been slept in, possibly recently. 

Towards one of the later phases of this search, something vital was discovered. Now, the detective was already suspicious of the staircase (even getting a tip about it). As Erik Thiele (the detective) was making his way up the staircase, he caught a glimpse of what he thought to be a blanket, likely belonging to a child. It wasn’t long before they got every man they had at the staircase, tearing it up board for board. What they found halfway through were two sets of feet, one small and one large. Little Paislee Shultis was found cradling next to her biological mother in a small, wet, and damp compartment filled to the brim with blankets and such. 

Paislee’s father, Kirk Jr., was sentenced with custodial interference in the first degree and endangering child welfare along with his father, Kirk Sr. (Paislee’s grandfather). Her mother, however, was sentenced to custodial interference in the second degree as well as endangering child welfare. These misdemeanors were not taken lightly, though what bothered the police more was the fact the mother and daughter were dead silent for five consecutive hours on multiple occasions. Paislee is now safe with her older sister and her legal guardians, who were brought to tears upon her return, although it isn’t likely Paislee will ever forget what she went through those two long years.