What animals are going extinct?

A group of pandas, whose species is sadly endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting.

via Wikimedia Commons

A group of pandas, whose species is sadly endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting.

Many animals are already extinct, but what about the ones currently going extinct? There are around 8 million species of animals, but approximately 15 thousand species are heading toward extinction. Although it’s a small number compared to 8 million, it’s still a big amount if you add up all the animals. The government took measures to prevent them from going extinct through the Endangered Species Act. This act prevents people from killing, transporting animals, or taking endangered plants listed on the threatened or endangered list. The president who signed the Endangered Species Act was Richard Nixon. 

Even though there are many animals going extinct, some people pay more attention to the ones who are already famous but are still going extinct, like the giant panda, also known as the panda bear. The giant panda is usually known for its black and white fur coat, but why are they going extinct? The reason is pretty obvious: it’s because people are destroying the giant pandas’ and other animals’ homes to build houses and other buildings to live or work in. There are also poachers, who usually kill pandas for their fur.

Another animal species that is endangered is the tiger. There used to be nine species of tigers, but three species went extinct over the past 80 years, so there are only six species left. For the same reason, pandas are endangered, and the tigers are also losing their habitats because the human population continues to grow. Not only that, but tigers are also endangered because people want to have the body parts of tigers to sell and many other things. Another animal that’s also close to extinction is the cheetah. Although cheetahs are not endangered, they are registered as “vulnerable.” Simply put, they have a higher risk of extinction in the wild because their habitats are being destroyed. 

Some people are probably surprised that blue whales are endangered because of their immense size. People think that there’s no possible way to go extinct because of the blue whales’ big size, but they are endangered because of humans. People used to hunt them because parts of their body, like their meat and blubber, were able to turn into a different type of oil. They were also used for constructing things like bridges and many other things.

In the end, most of all animals that are listed as endangered or vulnerable are because of humans, but there are solutions to stop them from going extinct. The obvious way is to stop destroying the place they live. An additional way is to volunteer at a nature center or a wildlife refuge.