Queen Elizabeth gets Covid


Wikimedia Commons

Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.

In the past week, the United Kingdom recorded 25,696 new Covid cases, continuing the downward trend that occurred since the Omicron wave in early January, with over 200,000 cases per day since then. Out of the 25,696 new cases, only 1,300 people were being admitted to hospitals because of serious symptoms, with 74 recent deaths. Fortunately, both these factors are seeing a decline. Due to the decrease in Covid cases, it was a shock when news spread about the Queen also being infected.
Before the Queen’s illness was made public, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told BBC’s “Sunday Morning” show, “Now is the time for everyone to regain their confidence.” Hours later, on Twitter, the prime minister wished “Her Majesty the Queen a speedy recovery from Covid and a rapid return to robust good health” — one of many well wishes from across the United Kingdom and around the world. Covid has also been contracted by a number of notable public figures in the United Kingdom. The Prince of Wales, Charles, and Camilla, his wife, both tested positive. Prince William and his oldest son also tested positive for Covid in early 2020 and revealed it a few months later. Around the same time, Boris Johnson also developed a serious case of Covid and ended up in the intensive care unit.
Worse yet, the news that the Queen – who recently celebrated her 70th year on the throne and has been reigning for longer than most British kings and queens have been alive – had caught a possibly fatal sickness paled in comparison to the news that she had contracted a potentially fatal disease. It comes on top of Elizabeth’s existing health worries. She canceled a number of public events in October, including a solemn commemoration of Britain’s war dead. She suffers from leg stiffness and has to use a walking stick. At a meeting with two senior military officers at Windsor Castle on Wednesday, she appeared frail. When they inquired about her condition, the Queen smiled and clutched the stick, motioning to her legs and saying, “Well, as you can see, I can’t move.”
Since then, members of the royal family have gone through extensive measures to keep the Queen safe from Covid. In January 2021, Elizabeth and Philip were both given a Coronavirus vaccine at Windsor Castle. Although the palace has not yet acknowledged any future vaccine doses, it is widely assumed that she received two, plus a booster. Charles and Camilla have confirmed that they have received all of their vaccinations and booster shots. Nonetheless, the Queen still became infected.
However, Elizabeth still sent a congratulatory message to Britain’s women’s curling team, which won a gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, in an attempt to allay fears about her. She stated, “I know that your local communities and people throughout the United Kingdom will join me in sending our good wishes to you, your coaches, and the friends and family who have supported you in your great success.”
Since the Queen contacted Covid, she has made a swift recovery and is doing much better now. The palace is still going through new measures to keep their beloved Queen safe.