Resturaunt Review: Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine

The restuarant serves Borneo chicken curry soup, which typically looks like this


The restuarant serves Borneo chicken curry soup, which typically looks like this

In a city boasting many different Chinese eateries, Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine stands out as one of the unique hot spots for hungry customers. Located at 19 South Garfield Ave in Alhambra, California, this once tiny location has a reputation among the locals as one of the best places to get specialized food from the Kalimantan region in Borneo. They offer a variety of tasty Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean dishes.

This restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere with its many colorful doors on the side of the beautiful white walls as decoration as well as many different cooking ingredients on shelves. Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, they had to close the original site of the restaurant.

This tiny little hole in the wall offers a whole menu of appetizers. Anything ranging from chicken satay to the popular Singaporean and Malaysian roti prata, pan-grilled pancakes with a Borneo style curry dipping sauce. Finally, Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine offers Gado Gado, an Indonesian salad with peanut sauce, and rojak, a fruit salad. 

For all the noodle lovers, this place offers a whole bunch of different offerings to quench your noodle taste. They offer many types and staples of noodles with their Hokkien, Indo, and Hakka versions. Hokkien style contains chicken mushroom, bbq red pork, a marinated egg, and a mix of vegetables. Continuing on to Indo style, it’s served with once again chicken mushroom, a marinated egg, and vegetables, but this one contains a beef meatball instead of bbq red pork. The last style, Hakka is served with bbq red pork, another marinated egg, vegetables, and a fish ball. As always you can choose your kind of noodle ranging from thin noodles to thick/chewy noodles. All noodle options, no matter your style of noodle type sells for $10.99.

Under their pan-fried menu category, 12 options meet the eye. Kwe Tiau Goreng, or fried flat noodles has five different variations similar to how the noodle category was. There’s siram, Indo, Kalimantan, and two borneo versions. Each style consistently contains egg but each style also has its own meat and there’s even a seafood variation. Also in this section is possibly one of their best dishes, their Mie Goreng. For those who have tried Indomie’s Mie Goreng instant noodles, authentic Mie Goreng is similar but better in almost every way. Finally, there’s their fried rice also called Nasi Goreng. 

In Indonesia, curry and noodle soups are very popular. Here at Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine, here is no different. Indulge in their tasty Soto Ayam, a Borneo chicken curry soup, or have your mind blown with laksa Kwe Tiaw. To end it all off is their rice dishes. All of these options offer rice with some having curry or satay. 

To end off the amazing experience, you can wash it all down with their authentic es cendol, a popular Borneo dessert drink. They also offer your standard soft drinks and teas and a Southeast Asia classic, Milo, a chocolate drink you can have hot or iced, 

Overall, Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine is a unique place where they offer tasty and authentic Indonesian, Singaporean, and Malaysian food all in a welcoming environment. Enjoy their popular satay appetizers or just go for a night out with friends. Whatever it is, this place is a must-try.