Brain Foods That Can Help Improve Your Mood


Wikimedia Commons

Nuts are an example of some foods that contain tryptophan.

One of the best things someone can do to keep their body healthy is to follow a balanced diet. Different foods from around the world can make someone healthier by supporting different parts of the body. The organ that allows an individual to function is the brain, meaning it is important to keep it healthy. So, how can people alter their eating habits to enjoy life and be happy and support their brains? Foods that can be easily accessed and found in local supermarkets can complete the task at hand. However, it isn’t necessarily the foods that can make someone feel better. It’s what is found inside the food.

Tryptophan is an amino acid, which means that the human body cannot produce it. This leaves people to have to find it inside of dietary substances. Upon consumption, tryptophan is turned into the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain which can help with eating behaviors, sleep, impulse control, and depression. Higher levels of serotonin can improve the way someone feels but is limited to the obtainability of tryptophan. Foods such as turkey, eggs, salmon, soy products, milk, spinach, nuts, and other foods carry tryptophan and can improve the way someone is feeling emotionally.

Different foods can also carry magnesium which can boost someone emotionally and help the brain in the process. Emotionally, magnesium can support sleep and play a part in lowering anxiety. For the body, magnesium plays a giant role in helping the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors found inside nerve cells. Magnesium also helps brain development, specifically memory and learning. Foods that also carry magnesium are whole grains, dark-green leafy vegetables, dried beans, low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, legumes, and dried beans.

Foods that contain polyphenols can also heavily affect the way someone is feeling. Herbs, spices, nuts, vegetables, olives, berries, coffee, and tea all carry polyphenols and can positively influence the consumer’s mood and prevent inflammation in the body. Beneficial effects for the brain include memory support, learning, and cognitive brain function, which allows people to select, receive, store, develop, transform, and recover information that they’ve received in the past. 

Overall, many more things can be found in meals that can help support moods, the brain, and the body altogether. Foods and generally healthy drinks include different fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, tofu, salmon, turmeric, berries, seeds, nuts, chia seeds, black chia seeds, coffee, tea, and legumes. Though there are only a few listed, there is a lot more inside the variety of healthy foods that can increase brain power. There is an even larger selection of foods that can help support other parts of the body as well.

In the long run, keeping a healthy and balanced diet is good for everyone. Specific foods can serve specific purposes, some better than others. Even so, it is just as important to enjoy life and eat foods that will bring happiness to an individual. Of course, a healthy snack that can be enjoyed once in a while or even every day won’t hurt and can bring great benefits to the one who ingests it.